Soup of the day
Please ask the waiter


Lobster soup
Made with 1000 years old iceberg from Jökulsárlón


Ósinn fish soup
Stuffed with mixed local seafood


From farmers and fisherman
Cured beef, smoked lamb and salted cod croquettes


„Bird in the river“
Smoked duck, cured goose and salmon tartar


„Lobster tails in three ways (150gr.)“
Bacon wrapped, garlic roasted and spring roll


Grilled lobster tails (150gr.)
Spiced with garlic and butter and fresh salad



Ósinn salad
Mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, red onions, black olives and sesam dressing


Caesar salad
Mixed salad with chicken, bacon, croutons, tomato, red onion, parmesan and garlic dressing

Kr. 2.690

„Mother Earth“
Apple and broccoli salad in sitrus creme fraiche

Kr. 1.990


Spinach, red onions, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and garlic bread

Kr. 2.850

Grilled vegetables
Spiced with garlic, olive oil and parsley

Kr. 2.090

Stuffed with cottage cheese, broccoli and cauliflower served with garlic bread

Kr. 2.850


Roasted beef tenderloin „Bernaise“
Shiitake mushrooms and baked local potato


Icelandic lamb „Mojito“
Ovenbaked rack of lamb with cauliflower & almond purée, mint sauce and baked local potato


Pork belly and leg of duck „Confit“
Fresh aspargus, wild mushrooms sauce, and baked local potato


Black burger (150gr.)
Bacon, BBQ, cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, red onions, horseradish sauce and fries


Grilled salmon and salted cod croquettes
Confit tomatoes, chives & coriander dip and garlic potatoes


Salted cod „Bacalao“
Cooked the Spanish way, cherry tomatoes, spinach and pine nuts

Kr. 4.200

Fresh Icelandic blue mussels
Steamed in white wine and served with apple and broccoli salad

Kr. 3.950


Lobster pasta ravioli
Fried lobster tails, cream, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, parmesan and garlic bread

Kr. 3.990

„Höfn meets Asia“ (300gr.)
Oven grilled lobster tails spiced with garlic and butter, housemade lobster spring rolls, fresh salad and garlic bread

Kr. 6.990

Lobster trio (300gr.)
Garlic roasted lobster tails, lobster soup and housemade lobster spring rolls

Kr. 6.890

Chili & garlic roasted lobster tails (300gr.)
Yellow beet & leek purée, confit tomatoes and mango-chili dip

Kr. 6.890

White wine steamed lobster (300gr.)
White wine steamed lobstertails served with apple and broccoli salad

Kr. 6.690

Lobster feast
Garlic roasted lobster tails (200gr.), lobster pasta ravioli and housemade lobster spring rolls

Kr. 7.350


Bailey ́s crème brûlée
Made with eggs from the local farm Grænahraun, served with berries and vanilla ice cream from the local farm Árbær

Chocolate Tart
Brownie, caramel, coconut cream and strawberries

Housemade blueberry „Skyr“ and chocolate mousse
Vanilla ice cream from the local farm Árbær and red currant berries

Vanilla ice cream from the local farm Árbær, chocolate sauce and fruits

All deserts: Kr. 1.690


Pizza with ham and cheese

kr. 1.290

Chicken nuggets with fries

kr. 990

Ham and cheese sandwich with fries

kr. 990

Cod with potatoes and butter

kr. 1.290


Parma Pizza
Parma ham, tomato, garlic, rucola and fresh parmesan

kr. 2.990

Tomato & Mozzarella
Tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil and garlic oil

kr. 2.690

Salmon Pizza
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and rucola

kr. 2.790

Lobster Pizza
Lobster, garlic, parsley and fresh parmesan

kr. 3.490

Hotel Hofn Lobster Pizza
Lobster, bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic oil

kr. 3.490

Vatnajökull Pizza
Ham, bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni, ground beef and extra cheese

kr. 3.490

Ground beef, jalapeno, nachos and cheddar sauce

kr. 2.890

Creola Pizza
Pepperoni blackened chicken, jalapeno, onion, pineapple and blue cheese

kr. 3.190

Garlic Bread
Garlic oil and cheese

kr. 1.750

Cheese and sauce

kr. 1.750


Coke 0,25 l kr. 400
Coke light 0,25 l kr. 400
Fanta 0,25 l kr. 400
Sprite 0,25 l kr. 400
Sparkling water 0,25 l kr. 400
Pilsner – Light beer 0,33 l kr. 500
Malt 0,33 l kr. 500
Orange juice 0,33 l kr. 400
Apple juice 0,33 l kr. 400


Espresso kr.450
Cappuchino kr.550
Cafe latte kr.590
Americano kr.450
Swiss mokka kr.590
Te kr. 450
Hot chocolate kr. 590


Draft beer

Viking lager 0,33 l kr. 850 / 0,50 l kr. 1.100

Bottled beer

Viking lite lime 0,33 l. kr. 950
Heineken 0,33 l. kr. 950
Thule 0,50 l. kr. 950
Einstök Pale Ale 0,33 l. kr. 950
Einstök White Ale 0,33 l. kr. 950
Vatnajökull local beer 0,33 l. kr. 950

The Vatnajökull is truly a Unique beer brewed from the icebergs collected from the glacier lagoon and the local artic tyme


Pionero Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) 187ml. kr. 1.500 / 750ml. kr. 5.500
Pionero Merlot (Chile) 187ml. kr. 1.500 / 750ml. kr. 5.550
Villa Lucia Chianti Reserva (Italy) 750ml. kr. 5.900
Stone Barn Zindfandel (USA) 750ml. kr. 5.900
Paul Jaboulet Côtes du Rhône (France) 750ml. kr. 6.800
Faustino V Reserva (Spain) 750ml. kr. 7.200


Pionero Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) 187ml. kr. 1.500 / 750ml. kr. 5.500
Pionero Chardonnay (Chile) 187ml. kr. 1.500 / 750ml. kr. 5.550
Villa Lucia Pinot Grigio (Italy) 750ml. kr. 5.700
Gnarly Head Viogner (USA) 750ml. kr. 6.900
René Muré Signature Pinot Gris (France) 750ml. kr. 7.200
Domaine Chanson Chablis (France) 750ml. kr. 8.500


Tosti Asti Miniature (Italy) 187ml. kr.1.890
Faustino Cava Brut (Spain) 750ml. kr.6.400


Faustino VII Miniature (Spain) 187ml. kr.1.690
Faustino VII (Spain) 750ml. kr.5.500